We are thrilled to announce a major milestone in Nuvo's journey - the acquisition of Nuvo.com.

Today, the highest value relationships in B2B commerce happen offline. At Nuvo, we're building a verified network of enriched credit profiles to bring $5T of trade credit online.

As more of the B2B economy starts to embrace the Internet to power core workflows, the new web domain represents our commitment to increasing accessibility, driving trust and demonstrating staying power of the Nuvo brand.

Our mission & progress

We started Nuvo with the mission to accelerate commerce in the B2B economy. In a world with enhanced trust and connectivity between businesses, we can achieve greater economic productivity and innovation in goods & services.

In our interactions with thousands of businesses across dozens of industries, we've seen commerce plagued by delays, inefficiencies, and opacity. So everything we design, develop and market to the world is rooted in the principles of:

  • Speed: Reduce the amount of time and friction it takes to activate new B2B relationships and make them successful throughout their lifecycle.
  • Efficiency: Enable intelligent automation while increasing control.
  • Visibility: Establish a unified source of truth powered by insights with high quality, quantity and recency.

A few years ago, we launched Nuvo as a convenient and secure platform for suppliers to onboard & verify their customers and underwrite trade credit. Today, our integrated offering has allowed us to scale to:

  • Tens of thousands of businesses that save time and unlock growth
  • Hundreds of millions in trade credit issued to scale revenue
  • Thousands of non-traditional credit insights generated to inform risk

Looking Forward

Nuvo will continue to invest heavily into the core trade credit network, including:

  • Offering advanced workflow automation and reporting
  • Improving the depth, coverage and quality of credit insights
  • Expanding the number of businesses that join & participate in the platform across the world

We have an exciting and ambitious roadmap ahead at the intersection of software, data, AI and financial services. 

What becomes possible when every business in the B2B economy has a verified digital identity and can seamlessly interact with others? We can’t wait to show you!

Thank you for your continued support

We’re incredibly grateful to our customers, partners, team members and investors who have supported our mission. We’re just getting started and look forward to what’s ahead.

🎉 Thank you!

Please check your calendar for an invitation from our team.