Bad debt, credit card fees, and trade insurance devour your margins

How much are you losing to avoidable fees?

Bad debt: 0.5-2% lost revenue
Credit cards: 2.5-3% processing fees
Trade Insurance: 1-3% of invoice value

While trade credit is the most margin-friendly way of powering business transactions, it comes with collections risk and bad debt write-offs. These costs compound when you have insufficient information and reactive credit policies.

Outsourcing credit risk through trade insurance or credit card payments is expensive — a sizable percentage of the invoice value. You reduce uncertainty, but guarantee lower profit margins.


Take control of your credit risk.

Accurately evaluate customer creditworthiness in-house instead of relying on insurers and card processors.

Convert more customers to trade credit accounts with Nuvo’s digital credit application

Get risk alerts on customers with declining bank balances, credit scores, and more

Tighten credit terms for risky customers in a click


Add 2% to your profit margin*.

  • Reduce collections risk & bad debt losses
  • Cut expensive credit card fees
  • Spend less on trade insurance
* Based on reduction of typical bad debt write-offs, credit card fees, and trade insurance premiums amongst Nuvo users.

After seeing Nuvo's credit reports, bank references, and trade references, we realized we were missing a huge part of our customers' credit risk profile.

Nuvo is now continually monitoring our customer base for changes in risk in a way that would have been impossible for us to achieve before.

We can now move more customers to net terms and save on processing fees.

Daniel Rivera


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